How to become a WSSBN member

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In order to become a member of the Wolverine Single Sideband Net, you must check into the net at least four times per month for three consecutive months.

As you check-in each month, be sure that you keep track of the Net Control stations call sign (not the pre-net list call sign).  In addition to the Net Control call sign, you must also document the date and time of your check-in(s).  We suggest that you sent more than the required check-in’s just in case of any discrepancies.

Once you have collected your check-in data for three consecutive months, you can send that information to our Membership Manager, Tas Foley, K8TAS.

You may send your log to Tas via snail mail (USPS), his information is current and available on QRZ.COM, or you can send your log information to Tas via email by clicking HERE